5 Things NOT to Do On National Disc Jockey Day

And some things you can totally do instead.

January 20, 2016

It's National Disc Jockey Day today - one of the most unnecessary wastes of bureaucratic effort of all time. Welcome to January 20th. In other years, Presidents will get sworn in like Mr Obama did seven years ago.

Well, it sure is nice that you'd choose to celebrate those of us that play the songs on the radio and say silly things in between. Here's a list of don't and do's!

National DJ Day

1. DON'T send homemade food, you weirdo! Seriously, I've eaten plenty of listener made food, but it's pretty much the worst - not because of quality - but rather it's the 30-45 minutes waiting to see if you baked in drugs or not. When they don't kick in, we can finally breathe again.

DO use a service like Post Mates to have food delivered to us!

2. DON'T make s****y comments on the internet about the thing you didn't read. Manley keeps going on about this and it's super important. Today, just for one day at the minimum, please read the whole article before you spout off about some dumb thing that "you're so offended by". I get it. We're not all the same, but there's a squishy human behind this keyboard who's just goofing off on the internet, too. 

DO come up with silly things to say that make the internet fun "this song is more awesome than a no tongue buffalo at a burrito eating contest" good one!

3. DON'T remind us that it's also Nation Cheese Lover's Day. While you're busy turning curds into turds, chances are we're starving since we won't eat your homemade food and forgot to pack lunch accordingly.

DO send us cheese! ALL OF IT.

Full disclosure - I keep a bandolier worth of string cheese in my fridge so I'm celebrating both:

String Cheese

4. DON'T send us text messages telling us we're terrible (see above). Here, I tweeted a text I got last week:

A text I tweeted

No, I get it, we're paid to take that kind of harassment, it's part of the job - don't care, you're still being a donkey and I'm allowed to call you out on that.

DO go to your work and ask your superior to tell you why you're terrible at your job. Then text in apologizing for being a jerkbutt.

5. DON'T send us naughty photos to our text number - we don't get images on our interface - that's what Snapchat is for... wait, don't do that either, ya creep!

DO (add us on Snapchat @TheEnd1077!) Draw us something awesome like a burrito falcon and mail it in or post a photo to our social media like Danger D, King of Rentonia:

Burrito Falcon

Have a great day listening to the radio and eating cheese!