6 Deck The Hall Ball Tips

Beware of Trolls!!!

December 1, 2016

by Mat Hayward


On the 6th day of Deckmas... I’m here with six very important Deck the Hall Ball tips...just the tips.

1. Do NOT talk to the DTHB troll.
Not only are we pretty sure it’s actually me, this thing has been known to drink all of the beers you buy and then hug you with its disgusting wet drooly beard. NOT GOOD. Don’t even get me started about the nachos…

QUIZ: Which Deck the Hall Ball Band are you most like?

2. Sit down!
You may be young and full of ideas about how you’re going to one day be playing for us on that very Key Arena stage, but I’m getting tired just thinking about you lining up early on December 6th and wasting all that energy standing there. Siéntense! Between bands, when you stop being smooshed against the guardrail, get your fellow nerds to pop a squat next to you. Your legs will be stoked on Wednesday for what you didn’t do Tuesday.

3. Bring me a burrito*.

4. No matter how hungry you get, do NOT eat your friend that you brought with you.
Not only is cannibalism uncool, but literally no one will go with you to next year’s Deck the Hall Ball if you eat your friend today. Make sure you grab a bite to eat before you head out!

5. Definitely eat a stranger.
Look, other than torturing their families in the holiday season with their sub-par tasting demise, you’ll also probably have to go to jail and wear one of those “I can’t be trusted around other humans ‘cause i eat them” masks and those things are so lame.

STOP Eating each other. Instead, check out 8 Spots to Eat and Drink at Before DTHB.

6. Take all of the photos, videos, snaps, selfies, and vines #RIP, post them on everything and tag us.
It’ll be fun next year when you’re in jail for having eaten a stranger and you can reminisce about the good ol’ days. Seriously, we’ll all do our best to be available to you for a hug, selfie, chat – whatever you like! It’s one of those fun times a year where we get to hang out together, so let’s capture it and save it online for forever.

I can’t wait to see you and hang out at Deck the Hall Ball. We get to make our ears ring, make new music memories, and ring in the holidays together!

Thanks for the rad selfie!
by Mat Hayward

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*Don’t actually bring me a burrito, I’ll have nowhere to store it. Also, the Burrito Falcon gets jealous.

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