About last night's Sounders match...

It was so good that I bought a new Sounders jacket

October 31, 2016
Perfect atmosphere for a Sounders FC Halloween match.

by Gregr


About last night's Sounders FC match... Thank you for coming out and going bonkers for a team that needed us the most right then. The Sounders won. They won by a lot. 

The pre-match show on the pitch featured so many fireworks, so much fire, and left the craziest haze of smoke to start the match - a perfect tone for a Halloween weekend match. 

The rain poured down upon us. Whip after whip, the flags waved by ECS, at full extension, sent a spray of moisture everywhere. That Seattle Sunshine only seemed to make passing tougher and the fans more excited to be a part of the post-season in Seattle♩​. 

Nelson Valdez, a guy who couldn't get a goal to save his life all season came through so huge to open the scoring. Followed quickly by two more from newcomer to Seattle, the MLS playoffs, and America Nicolas Lodeiro, sold about a zillion jerseys last night by putting one past the keeper, hopping over the ad boards next to the goal, and jumping into the crowd like he's playing for the damn Packers at Lambo Field.

Interestingly, they managed all of this in the second half - in front of the super vocal Emerald Cities Supporters.

The energy buzzing around CenturyLink Field felt the best it's been all season overpowering the awful troll seated behind me at the match*. Zip it, Troll, the Sounders are about to make us all proud to be soaked in the rain!

It would be impossible for any team not to take notice of how much the Sounders FC want these wins. How hard it will be to come knocking on the door in Seattle and hope to find anything other than a team powered by fans powered by (beer) that desire to see our team lift that MLS Cup. That feeling doesn't stop in 2016. You'll always need to remember that our fans want to see our team win every year. Watch out, MLS, Seattle is coming for you.

PS I was riding such a high that I bought a new Sounders FC jacket on my way out. Not smart thinking with the holiday on the way, but whatever!

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*When you go to a soccer match, be prepared to stand. The 100 level of CenturyLink is standing. When someone tall stands in front of you, you've gotta work together to have a good time. If you curse at the person during the national anthem, be prepared for that tall person to put you and your dumb salmon colored jacket in your place. When you left at halftime, you looked like an even bigger jackass as three beautiful goals scored meters away from you made the place blow up. Be cool to one another.