Adam Carolla podcasts with Gregr and Manley

Our Dumb Podcast joins The Adam Carolla show live in Seattle

April 26, 2016
Kicking it with Adam

by Samuel Vert Photography

Adam Carolla podcasted live from the Moore Theatre over the weekend to a packed house of fans, many of whom came took their seats knowing they’d be the butt of jokes - and they loved it. Manley and I got to sit on stage.

Today, the podcast is live… *gulp*. Listen here.

Carolla enjoyed a solid run in Seattle on 107.7 The End until 2008 when his radio corporation sank that ship. We first knew him as the cranky voice of reason, complaining about battery chirps, idiots not turning right on red, and general public idiocy on Loveline. Then, Ace-man moved to a morning show, filling the huge gap left by Howard Stern switching to satellite.

Adam, even though I’ve been lucky enough to cross paths with him before, exists in my mind only as a radio figure. He’s a voice with a set of ideas. It’s quite weird being in his presence and seeing the nuance make the man whole. He shuffles around seemingly either a mile deep in his own thoughts or as a blank slate devoid of trouble - it’s difficult to tell. He’s a tall, dominant figure in a room, but he’ll grab a beer and let the couch swallow him up like the rest of us. He doesn’t make much small talk, but is totally willing to engage if you’re brave enough to snare that mind into action.

At every point in the night, he treated us with nothing but heart and respect.

Manley, Gregr, Adam, Gina, Bryan
provided by Samuel Vert Photography

We took the stage, five-wide, to howling cheers, whistles, and general crazed applause. That’s an incredible feeling, but thank the Wookiee for stage lights because I could only really see two people in the crowd of 1,400. I’ve done radio for a long time, but never anything like this before. We joined Ace, Gina Grad, and Bald Bryan for the full 90.

There's something my simple brain never comprehended about listening to Adam Carolla. It sounds like he can dominate any guest with his talking, but the dude, a master improviser, is just lightning quick. It’s like watching baseball on TV and thinking “anyone could of hit that,” but later sitting at Safeco in fancy-people seats and realizing that making contact with a 97mph fastball is impossible. Adam brings that to the live stage and you would be hard pressed to find people that can keep up.

Adam includes everyone
by Samuel Vert Photography

Ace did this wonderful thing where, while talking to the audience, he would turn and face one of us, make eye-contact, and leave just the smallest gap - a pause, a breath, a thought. In that moment, it’s either jump in, or hold on. You’ll hear us throughout trying to get in just a beat too late or a hair too early.

In the final minutes, the strangest of twists: a robot with a twenty-inch screen for a face rolled out onto the stage. The face of a wildly smiling, wine drinking Joel McHale fixed to something similar to a Segway scooter joined the show. Joel had complete control of the device's movements.

Joel McHale Bot on Stage
by Gregr

I walked off the stage at the Moore Theatre that night with a simple feeling: satisfaction. It certainly won’t go down in Adam Carolla’s history as a moment worth wasting brain energy upon, but for me, it was an opportunity I got to hang with the best in business. His content is shocking and often inappropriate, but as an entertainer, I have worked with few finer pros in my 20+ years of radio.

Go give it a listen here!

Gotta give huge props to Manley for getting up there with me - if not for him, i would have been FREAKING OUT leading up to the show. As a podcast team, this felt right and inspired us to hustle a little for Our Dumb Podcast - not a lot though. K? Also, thank you a million to Samuel Vert Photography for the awesome shots.