Adventure Time: Thanks for these rad suggestions for Ocean Shores

It's a pretty long drive JUST for salt water taffy...

July 9, 2018

by Gregr

It's adventure time! With beach loving family in town, we hopped in the SpaceBaby mobile and headed for Ocean Shores to put our toes in the Pacific specific.

by Gregr

If you just got in the car and hit the gas, you could be there in a little over three hours from Seattle... assuming no one has to pee/eat/scream... Still, it's pretty easy to get to the ocean from the city and well worth the escape to a place trapped in another era... the 1980's!

You probably hear me talking about it on the radio all the time, but it made a ton of sense for us to stay at Shilo Inns* as they're RIGHT on the beach. Mind you a beach you can drive your car on or camp or both! 

It was about as Washington-y as it gets: grey cloudy skies, a little sprinkle, and with a 100% of Exhausted Mom needing a hoodie.

by Gregr

The wind coming off the ocean whipped hard enough that I got freakin' wind-burn on my dumb face and felt like I had a face fever all night. I hopped on Twitter to ask for your recommendations of where to eat - so here's a list of the best recommendations for your trip to the coast:

The one that kept coming up, by far highest recommended Galway Bay Irish Pub

Not exactly food, Kool Keith....

Porbably the best/most-obvious advice:

lol you're the best.

*If you snag some Shilo Inns Endperks discounts, just a heads up - the Ocean Shores ones weren't eligible until after September 15th!