After 130 Years, Bartell Drugs Has Been Sold

October 8, 2020
Bartell Drugs on Seattle Hill Road

by Gregr

A "130" banner hangs from the ceiling of the Bartell Drugs near my house, something that I hadn't noticed recently in all the visits I've paid it. Now, a store started in Washington before we had electricity in our homes and literally two centuries ago will hand over the keys to a much larger national chain, Rite Aid. The bigger brand will fork over $95 million to acquire the beloved spread of stores near us and the accompanying employees.

Even writing that was a massive bummer. The years of being the neighborhood friend that is plugged into our communities has lent the drugstore a ton of credibility. 

When I read that message, perhaps niavely, I believe them that it's going to be ok. I'll start by saying 1,700 people keeping their jobs is excellent. I hope the local team of supply chain coordinators and product buyers doesn't change much. I enjoy knowing I'll find everything from Fisher fair scone batter to Funko Pop! figures. When the girlscouts couldn't sell cookies this year to raise money for camp and other activiites, Bartell's stepped up and sold the cookies on their shelves, at the front of the store, where everyone would see them. I hate to see such a nice thing come to an end, and I'm certainly not alone based on the internet comments, but here's to another 100 years of success despite the liklihood that someone in Pennsylvania will be calling the shots.

Also, thank you for carrying twist of lime Topo Chico at my location.