This App Can Detect Album Covers Using Your Smartphone

Or you could, you know, read it.

May 8, 2018

What some people (me) are referring to as "reading skills" is being replaced using Google AI and your smartphone to give us an app that detects what album cover you're looking at. Record Player will take a look at the weird record store find you've made thumbing through buckets of bad vinyl and identify what you've found. People are referring to it as the "Shazam of album covers".

Snark aside, I could see how this would be cool for those with vision-impaired, kids who can't read good, and programming nerds.

It ties into your Spotify account so you can find a cool piece of album art, but without shelling over the money, give it a preview on the fly. This is both cool for allowing you to take music for a test drive but simultaneously feels like a huge jerk move - rather than spending the money to support someone's sonic and/or visual art, we're gonna do that "you earn a dollar for every 94billion plays" move to make sure it meets your high standards. 

Kudos to the nerds behind making this app. It's gotta be pretty fun to learn to combine the Google Cloud Vision API with the Spotify API to see if you can help the robots destroy us sooner. Also, props to the people smart enough to make sure they have jobs in two decades as people like me are replaced by AI... I may be jealous, but also, I'm right!