Are You Old?

This video will either make you feel ancient or make you mock me...

February 26, 2016

Now that I'm 36 years old, strange things are happening. I'm no longer certain I'll ever grow up from buffoon radio person fond of dinosaurs and robots into the mature family man types that are my brothers. Almost all sports stars - 'cept for the ancient Peyton Manning - are younger than me. It looks less and less likely that I'll be a millionaire - but I did get to go to the top of the Smith Tower!

You may be reading this thinking a couple things: "I'm not old" or "Cool, Gregr is old like me". Right on. For those of us over 25, you know who thinks we're old? Teenagers. Watch them sample this video of songs from the 90's - many of which have played on The End at one point or another.

Video of DO TEENS KNOW 90s MUSIC? (REACT: Do They Know It? Ep #1)

Re Chumbawamba: "this is by far the best song that's been played yet..." #RIPMusic.

I like the cynical boy who can't stand Ace of Bass. Try not to be too hard on music, dude. You'll end up becoming a jerk.

I know I'm old bc when Tool came on, I got pumped! Now slow down a second. Lemmy #RIP taught us all an awesome lessons: you're only too old if you think you are. That doesn't mean you need to put on those (regretable) joggers*, older friend. You don't have to try to prove you can hang with 19yo's. K? Enjoy what you will, rock it the way you feel comfy, and don't apologize for being awesome. There are few things worse than someone trying to fit in without just being themselves outside of 8th grade when no one knows what/who they are! You wanna wear dad jeans, the same ugly grey hoodie, or your business suit and see Metz play - you do that. Just don't be a creep, creep.

I'll just be over here cherishing my stoner rock records from the late 90's queitly weeping.


*joggers are fine, it's just one of those things we'll look back on and be like "fashion was so bad in the twenty teens"