Awesome Time Lapse Video of that Giant Ship

The Benjamin Franklin is biggest to visit the USA...

March 2, 2016

It only stayed but a day, the Chinese CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin called on the Port of Seattle earlier this week. It's so massive that it's larger than the Columbia Tower. You would need the arm of seven Russell Wilson's to throw the ball from bow to stern. It can carry 18,000 shipping containers - that's a semi-truck to carry each.

This thing is massive and it scares the crap out of me. Not scary like it will transform into a giant robot with laser eyes and cook the waterfront before climbing the Space Needle and declaring itself leader of the puny humans. More that it's scary as a giant floating world that would suck me under the bow and chop me up into chum for the orcas in Puget Sound.

The Benjamin Franklin is the largest ship to ever tie up in the United States and it dropped off a ton of stuff in Seattle this week. Imagine how insane it would be in the middle of a Pacific Ocean storm when all 1300 feet up this sucker went up on a wave by twenty feet #instantbarf.

To get it into port took a fleet of tugs, time, and good weather. You wouldn't want this mother trucker being blown around in last night's wind while trying to dock or depart. Here's what the effort to bring 'er into port looked like in timelapse

Video of CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin 2/29/16

[via Reddit]