Barns Courtney's Brain Is Gonna Get Him In Trouble

That thing is too quick for his own good!

August 8, 2019

by Sunny Martini

Barns Courtney doesn't bother keeping a home. A nomad, he's a man on the road linking days on the stage together in vans and busses, hotel and motels. Barns grew up in Seattle before applying his charm at rock n roll took him all over the damn country - except Alaska... He's got a brain that fires rapidly - like, if you're not keeping up, you're getting left behind. He's the type of guy who can conjure up some trouble before the rest of us can think of a witty comeback - a true delight to talk to in an effort to go toe for toe conversationally.

Barns' new album '404' is out now!

Barns played Summer Camp four years ago solo with only a guitar like he was busking at Pike Place Market.

by Mike Savoia

Baby Barns <3

Since then, there's been an album, non-stop touring, and more time writing and recording whatever it is that's bouncing around in that big brain of Barns.

Here he regales us with tales of living in strange places in England, the struggle of breaking through the webbing of the music business like some sort of small bug about to become spider food, and the people who are in his corner. Give it a listen:

His friend, Look Mum No Computer, got me SUPER pumped because the guy is doing crazy shit like this:

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