I Saw Someone Climb The Space Needle Spire...

Heres how you can climb!

April 30, 2019

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Hopefully, you've been up to the top of the newly remodeled Space Needle. The views are stunning, the observation deck floor features glass panels you can peer through as the top rotates. It sounds terrifying but I found it beautiful. 

Photos: Just How Scary Is the New Glass Floor At The Space Needle?

Now, the real question is - who wants to take the adventure to the next level? Literally! Base 2 Space is back and it gives us the chance to raise money for Fred Hutch as we hoof up the 800+ stairs from the ground to the observations deck. But, should you be among the most excellent fundraisers, you'll earn the chance to climb the three ladders to stand on the roof of the Space Needle peering out over Puget Sound, Queen Anne, Downtown - you get it.

My new friend, Erin Friesen, helped raise a huge portion of the funds from 2018 (collectively the total donation from everyone involved topped $700,000), and as a reward she got to go on top of the room, strap on a climbing harness, and boldly ascend to the top of the spire for the ultimate view of Seattle!

She did all this fundraising for the people in her life impacted by cancer and that list is sadly quite long - specifically Amy and Dad :'(.

Here's what that climb looks like in a few photos:

She's not falling and asked if she could do this at the top - WHY WOULD YOU LET GO, YOU MANIAC?!?!? Sorry, it's just that it was quite windy and this looks absolutely terrifying! Not terrifying enough to stop me from wanting to try it, but enough to make my heart race a little.

There's room for 4,000 people to participate in this 5th go round of Base 2 Space and I want to be involved! Should you be one of the top 10 fundraisers, you can be like Erin and climb the spire or get super fast as climbing stairs - the fastest male and female climbers get a trip to the top orrrr get randomly selected from the pool of participants for the third chance up that tower! More info and registration and stuff.

Oh hey look, there's Key Arena next to the Internation Fountain at the Seattle Center - that's where we're gonna be for Taco Truck Challenge!


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