Beastie Boys Perfectly Syncs With This Police Chase

When the radio is on and life fits in perfectly

October 26, 2016
Police Chase Video Inside



It's not every day you see police chase go blasting by you on the highway. Even more rare, you have a friend to capture the whole video. Even more more rare is having your friend capture the video while the Beastie Boys’ "Sabotage" is building up on the radio in the background with the whole thing timing out brilliantly.

College years seem to be a quest to get music and visuals to sync up perfectly, bro. For most of us, this started as Pink Floyd and The Wizard of Oz and took the aide of an inebriant to get that "wow" moment. It's pretty rare that life just hands you this type of wonderfully synchronous moment and that some knucklehead is ready to capture it.

I bet even a Beastie Boy or two would be impressed by the timing at play here. Somewhere JJ Abrams just got an idea for his next Star Trek scene... 

Thanks to Sean for a. loving the Beastie Boys and b. sending this to me!

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