Beer Run! Spent an hour supporting Seattle brewers

This week: Cloudburst Brewing and Reuben's Brews

April 27, 2020

Quarantine is hard, but beer makes it a bit easier, so... beer run! With a nice-ish afternoon and a sleeping toddler, my wife shoo'd me away to go grab some booze. I had heard, via my pal Alyssa sharing, that Cloudburst Brewing in Seattle had finally filled some cans!

It's pretty spendy beer, but worth it for what you're supporting.


Since I was only 10 minutes down the road from Reuben's Brews, I figured I'd take quick shot up to the beloved tasting room to see what they had going on on a Saturday afternoon. I expected a stand selling beer, and that's what I got!

We're Open, Seattle


I picked Reuben's because my favorite beer I can find in Snohomish in the last 12 months is their Hazealicious to the point where my wife looked 'em up, found they have a highly rated cider, and sent me to get her some. She... hates...? yes, hates, beer, but a dry cider is right up her alley. One crowler (can+growler) later, and this Warren's Cider went down in a single afternoon toddler nap.

The Miracle of 51st Street hazy they had special had been canned the day prior so obviously it came home with me, too.


It's not every weekend I can afford to spend $60 on beer, but if it can be "for work" then I can write it off, right?!


Anyway, these are just two of more than one-hundred breweries around Seattle. We work with Elysian every day and they've been super kind to us. I love supporting them - and the guy who started Cloudburst is the same dude who crafted Space Dust, so these worlds are all connected. If you have the means, like beer, and are legal allowed, maybe support a brewery that's down the street or in the city!