The Best Super Bowl Commercials with Gregr and Peanut

Peanut loves sleeping on the couch during football.

February 6, 2017
Peanut and Gregr at home on the couch

by Lori


Super Bowl Sunday with my mother in law in town from Atlanta meant we weren’t missing a moment of the full weekend action. #PoorDeb. It was also my non-sports loving wife’s birthday. #PoorLori.

Every year we watch commercials that wealthy companies spend too much money making that we inevitably forget by the end of the following week. The Bud Bowl is pretty much the only thing I remember from my childhood.

So my cat Peanut and I took to the couch (with my family) to hopefully be more entertained by both the football and commercials. We made sure not to watch the commercials that debuted early so that we could see them in context competing for our nacho cheesy, IPA drenched, Super Bowl attention spans.

Humans matter
Google charged straight out of the gate with a pride flag before showing us the power of Google Home.

At this moment, I knew our eyeballs would be showered with photon imagery and ideology about humanity during a tough time for our country. Michelin, Life WTR, Airbnb, Audi, and Lumber 84. That’s a lot of money spent to make a point about inclusion. Awesome job, America.

Mobile Gaming Commercials
These commercials are the worst. Arnold using all his Terminator lines to sell Mobile Strike, “I'll be back” when I'm done spending 10 dollars to make this game stay fun after a week.  World of Tanks had nothing on Fast 8 and The Rock driving an ice tank. And then there was Evony. Whatever.

Chowder’s Favorite

The other Echo ad left me saying "WAIT A SECOND! Did they just advertise Prime Air?!"

Stuff I wanted to Punch
Bieber telling me about how to celebrate sports. Gross. You're gross. I'm not even gonna embed that one because he sucks so much.

Whoever decided that immigrant girl and mother commercial was too controversial for the Super Bowl, eat a knuckle sandwich!

Movie trailers
Seems like sinking a couple million bucks into promoting a movie that will make a quarter billion dollars is a smart move. If you didn’t get excited for Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 then I don’t know how to save your nervous system, it’s been ruined by the saltine level saltiness of your facebook feed. They softened up Wolverine for Logan which looks like the best:


Transformers & Pirate’s Life. One film that caught me off guard, and I do NOT like horror films, A Cure For Wellness:

Best Commercials
Ok, in no order, I thought these were the best commercials. It's a weird year because so many brands were there to spend a ton of money making a statement, and in some cases, they nailed it!

Audi - somehow this made the assholes on the internet extra asshole-y, but the idea of calling out how we treat women terribly is awesome.

Anheuser-Busch made a wonderful commercial about an immigrant which ended up being sorta timely

Honda Yearbook - Jimmy Kimmel took this from good to great!

Febreze knows exactly what they are: the Kam Chancellor to your farts - coverage.

Lumber 84 - this one got pulled in its original form for being "too much" with itss border wall story. It was jarring to be sent to some website for a lumber brand. Turned out, this one probably made the most people mad and the biggest impact.

These were all runner-ups for the top 5 for me!

Skittles this got the biggest lol from our group:

Kia - the only spot I saw ahead of time and it's just so oddly violent:

Ghost of Spuds (talk about 'member berries):

Cam Newton throwing a laser beam to a pee-wee football kid lol:

Finally, huge props to Tide for their long con. They got the entire internet mocking Terry Bradshaw for going live on air with a giant stain on his shirt, a prerecorded goof, came full circle minutes later at halftime when they revealed the stain would be dealt with by Tide. Jeffrey Tambor really tied this thing together when they came BACK AROUND at the end of the game again.

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