The Best Three Commercials From Sunday's Big Game

So Much Money Wasted!

February 3, 2020
Lombardi Trophy

gettyimages / Kevin C. Cox


A massive matchup in Miami with a comeback just as big. Congrats to the state of Missouri (and Kansas, too, while we're at it) and their 50 year championship drought. But I want to see the stats on how many people tuned in just to see the commercials!

At 5.6 million dollars per ad, companies sure were willing to throw money at the almost 100-million Super Bowl viewers on Sunday. I remember reading that the event was sold out back in November.

I always wonder if I have the same taste as everyone else with the silly commercials. When I asked the question on Twitter (spelling error and all), the story became pretty clear - we're mostly on the same page. These seemed like the top three spots - what do you think?

#3 Google - I'm glad my Twitter friends also seemed to love this super sweet commercial of an old man using his spying smart speaker to reminisce about his wife.

#2 Cheetos - this one just tickled your 'member berries and used MC Hammer to full effect on 80's/90's kids like me.

Ooff the Hammer dance part was rough... I mean, he's like a million now.

#1 Bill Murray, a groundhog, and Jeep. Nuff said.

A couple of others here include that Boston accent Hyundai commercial, the Pepsi Black spot, and personally, I liked the recurring Tide theme with Charlie Day. Stoked for local spots by Emerald Queen Casino and BECU going full Seahawks, too.