A Big Day for Seattle Music

You can stream the Marco Collins doc today via iTunes!

April 15, 2016
The Glamour & The Squalor

provided by Producer Michelle Quisenberry

The End’s history of New Music Discovery existed long before your friend simply shared a cool song from Spotify on their Twitter feed. Before Google/Tumblr/YouTube, finding an alternative French dance group meant you had to know someone in France! Before your friend could shoot you a link to Sound Cloud, The End played music that would change the game.

Marco Collins, with his wild lifestyle, knew the right people, heard the right songs, and pissed off the right Program Directors to help you discover new music in the 90’s - not that he’s stopped now.

He connected the dots in a way so powerful, you can find his name in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. I wonder if he possesses any musical ability himself?

Marco helped break Weezer, Presidents of the United States of America and Beck. He turned America on to electronic music from Prodigy, Daft Punk, and the Chemical Brothers, and the dude did all this on 107.7 The End.

Along with that success came a bunch of trouble with substance abuse and finding his own personal voice and comfort. A battle on many fronts against drugs, family, and the industry leaves me wondering if he’s ever really gotten to enjoy it.

I’m not the only one because there’s an entire documentary exploring all of this, The Glamour & the Squalor.

After touring the country and the world to show the film at festival after festival, Marco may finally feel comfortable watching the footage that originally made him squirm in his seat just to talk about it on a podcast! (link ) This film featured at Seattle International Film Festival, Los Angeles Outfest, and beyond.

Today you can spend a few bucks and finally stream it at home or mobile via iTunes.

See the film in person and hurl your questions at Marco afterwards in a one time only opportunity:

What: One Night Only screening of The Glamour and the Squalor w/ Marco Collins in attendance
Where: SIFF Cinema Uptown
When: Friday, April 22nd @ 7pm

More info here.

No matter what Marco’s role may be in the media, he’s not sitting back talking about how it used to be. This dude still throws his name behind bands he believes in always on the hunt to discover new music. He’ll always have that bit of The End in him and we’ll always look back at that spark that set us up to hunt down music decades later.