Poke-Scoop-Drip-Wait-Read: It Is Super Easy to Find Your Blood Type

Do You Know Yours? I didn't know mine!

October 24, 2018

Donating blood (to vampires) is hella important - I mean, I used the word hella so you know I'm serious. Now you're not sure if I'm serious. I AM SERIOUS!

My friend Rachel reached out to me because her job - BloodworksNW - wanted to connect about getting more people like me (nerds) informed about donating blood. She connected me with a friend of The End, Kyle Boynton. Kyle is excited about blood - low key vampire? Perhaps... 

Listen: Kyle tells us it's so easy to donate blood...

Kyle told me that a lot of people have no idea about blood donation or even their own blood types. Embarrassingly, I have no freaking clue. I would guess it's at least one part IPA or a percentage of tree moss. Those are not real statuses. He offered to get together and bring a phlebotomist (blood handling person) so I could see how easy it is to type one's blood on the journey to donation. Thanks to Lauren who came in to poke, scoop, drip, and demonstrate the ease and quickness of this process.

1. *DOINK*


2. Scoop


4. Point at stuff

5. Compare

6. Discover

BONUS: Tattoo blood type on arm

provided by Kyle Boynton

Kyle tells us that he recently hung out at the Seattle Tattoo Expo to help people understand that tattoos and blood donation are no longer mutually exclusive. Certified parlors in the PNW - licensed facility in WA, OR, CA, and ID - will no longer take you off the blood donation bench for the required one-year that previously stopped tattoo fans from helping. A local tattoo shop, as part of a news segment about the topic, said they'd put some ink on him to help make his point clear. He could theoretically go from getting that tattoo to donating blood immediately (assuming he met the other requirements).

Finally, he blew my mind after our conversation. A few years ago, I had a crazy experience with a blood clot in my left calf. Blood clots can lead to insane pulmonary embolism or stroke - not awesome. We talked about the medicine I had to be on, and further down the road, he noted that despite at that time being on a medicine that might preclude me from being a donor for transfusion, they have a huge team of researchers who could certainly use my donation for research.

Maybe you'll be cool enough to donate some blood or just find out your blood type. I see the vans around all the time and it makes you literally someone's hero when you help. Helping promotes awesome feelings in your brain. Awesome feelings promote not being a turd. It's a cool cycle. Find out more: bloodworksnw.org.