Brad Evans on 2020 Sounders FC, who to watch...

He's back and his optimism has me pumped for 2020!

February 25, 2020
Brad Evans Seattle Sounders FC

The new season of Seattle Sounders FC is special in so many ways:

  • The Sounders are defending champions
  • They're in the Champions League (we'll get to it)
  • He's back, SSFC welcome former player Brad Evans to the front office

Brad Evans solidified his time in MLS with two championships and countless minutes played for three (two) teams. But it's the 9 years in Seattle that lead him through the door into a career. He's back as brand ambassador #BrandEvans and judging by the time spent today, he's gonna kill it. 

Finally we can find out answers to burning questions like:

  • Which jersey should we buy?
  • Why is Champions League actually important ($$$)?
  • What team did Brad almost single handedly fight?
  • Does ego drive all our mammal decision making and other existential paradoxes?
  • Which National Park is best?

Watch his handsome mug here or skip down for the full talk in audio only below!

Here's that fight scene that might be my favorite Sounders FC video ever. Good work, spectator:

We went "off-air" and you can hear that audio and more by subscribing to the Full 90 Soccer Time podcast or just click play: