Call to Help: The Seattle Mask Brigade Needs Your N95's

Sometimes it's the small donations that add up the fastest.

March 30, 2020

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So we got this rad email at about gathering N95 masks and I wanted to share with you the work of people in our own community. Maybe you can help, too?


I wanted to let you know about a group of volunteers called the Seattle Mask Brigade who are collecting donated N95 and surgical masks from around the Seattle area and delivering them to hospitals and nursing homes that are running out. Could you share this call for mask donations with your listeners?

Most donations are just a few masks (less than 20) that people have lying around in their emergency kit, but they all add up! So far we have collected and distributed more than 7,500 masks from more than 400 different donations.They are usually distributed within a day of receiving them. Our small group has helped folks all around the country launch their own mask brigades in the past week, including: Bay Area, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, DC Metro/Northern VA, New York, Tampa, St. Paul, Pittsburgh, San Diego, and Louisville.

Our website is There's a form where people can sign up to donate masks and have them picked up from their porch and another form where healthcare workers can request masks. Note: we will accept opened/unsealed boxes of masks.

The need for masks is critical. Even with PPE shipments arriving from the federal government, we are still receiving urgent requests and we need more donations to be able fulfill them. Workers at hospitals, nursing homes, EMS services, and homeless services are having to reuse masks for days or use makeshift masks. It would be wonderful if you could share information about the Seattle Mask Brigade with your listeners.

Thank you so much,

Emilia Jones"

If you have any N95's in your garage for that project you planned and were "totally gonna get around to," maybe put it on hold and help out?

Thanks for reading this far, I think you're neater than one of those fruits that looks like a lemon but is sweeter like an orange!