Can We Please Stop It With The Time Change?

Welcome back to the darkness...

November 7, 2016
That's not even my watch and I'm mad at it!

by Gregr

There's nothing like the huge drag of the daylight getting cut short abruptly by an hour every autumn. Makes me wanna punch the sun in the face. But time is relative and we really don't need to change. 

It's crazy to learn that daylight saving time turned 100 years old yesterday. Why won't you die already?!

It started in Germany back in 1916 when generating light and power took a lot more effort than today, and the USA started to adopt the practice a couple years later. Imagine the savings in candles simply by it being light later - candle lobbyists must have been madder than an electric eel at a fence peeing convention. 

Getting up at the crackiest butt crack of dawn, the change in the fall is fine, but the one in the spring murders my sleep schedule. I get to see daytime away from work - that is not the case of most of my friends with normal business hours. Now we spend the next six weeks heading deeper into darkness before AND after work. Can't we just keep it the way it is? 

There's a problem, if we don't do Daylight Savings Time, in the summer time dawn would happen before 4:00 a.m. Can you imagine ever sleeping in ever again? NO. Also, our awesome late night lights would be handed over to the darkness. We'd all be Kyro Ren running around slashing computer with lightsabers. Too far. We wouldn't get to take advantage of the light other than at the worst grumpiest time of the day. I'm thinking we would need to make DST our standard time and throw this time change garbage out. Wouldn't it be cool if by 5:00 p.m. it was just starting to get dark rather than almost pitch black?

Write a letter to your local law morons to get this changed. Next up... THE METRIC SYSTEM - it's all 10's. Also, are baseball fans the 10th man?