Photos: We Were JUST at Notre Dame

So was everybody else, evidently...

April 16, 2019

by Gregr

I'm not what I would call well traveled having visited Japan for my honeymoon and made the leap across the pond for the first time less than a year ago. But one of the places I've been happens to be all over the news: France.

We only stayed two days in Paris and the one thing I "needed" to see for my trip to feel complete was Notre Dame. Thank the space wizard we made it because ICYMI that sucker burned. It could have been worse, but I can only imagine significant time shall pass before we get to tour the facility again.

Raised Catholic as a child and later studying classical art and architecture in school, Notre Dame speaks to me. So we strapped SpaceBaby into his human carrier and embarked on a two-hour tour highlighting the opulence meets crushing gothic depression of the Church!

compared to this:

The statues and wood working in all the dozens of chapels, nooks, and hide aways is superb, but the gigantic stained glass work unsurprisingly captured my attention. The rose windows depicting various religious tales radiate the most beautiful light from above. Upon a closer look, the details of each panel boggles the mind. 

The North Rose window (and close up) is thought to still be about 80% original glass having survived more than 700 years:

by Gregr

These wood carvings had to be in pretty significant danger when the burning roof came crumbling down inside the cathedral.

If I'm not mistaken, this was where they thought the Crown of Thorns resided - a relic that could, in theory, be kept at Sainte-Chapelle as well.

The South Rose Window - only about 20% of this window is original. War and revolution will do that to something as fragile as glass!

Light one for my mother, RIP.

I imagine people spend entire academic careers studying every inch of Notre Dame. My two hours are nothing compared to their intimate knowledge, but, like a giant 9-year-old, after a while, it all starts to run together and the details become less sharp growing fuzzier. Then we went next door to Sainte Chapelle. Holy shit.



TBH, Sainte Chapelle is the real gem ;)