Snapped Some Transformers Photos From CybFest NW 2019

What a fun event for local Transformer collectors!

July 29, 2019
by Gregr

When I first got excited about CybFest NW 2019, I didn't really know what to expect from an unofficial Transformers convention. Toys. That's what to expect. Toys and the people who love them.

This is a very specific slice of nerd having fun on the weekend. We're talking kids who have seen more than a decade of twisty bot movies and lots of oily Megan Fox supplemented with cartoons and other series I've never heard of before Saturday. We're also talking about adults like myself who loved the brand at some point in their lives - pretty typically Generation 1 stuff - that's when tractor-trailer Optimus Prime battled handgun Megatron.

At the Kent Commons Community Center - where they bump 107.7 The End on the weekends (thanks!) - a big room full of booths operated by collectors, artists, and celebrity voice actors waited for the several hundred Transformers nerds to pour in a consume, talk, and haggle for robots that they love. 

Personally, my favorite vendor was a dude from Micro LEGOformers who designs small transforming creatures from LEGO bricks. They're all based on characters from the series' and all transform without having to break anything apart usually in a similar style to the original.

Tiny Soundwave looking incredible!

In the parking lot, a dude brought his own Chevrolet Camaro Bumblebee to show off and it's actually pretty dope if you're down with driving around a yellow Camaro

I posted a bunch for photos on my Instagram:

This Bumblebee Camaro at @cybfestnw was surprisingly cool! --

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I didn't make it to any panels or watch the transforming contest, but there was definitely more than meets the eye!

I'll see myself out...