Check Out These Awesome Monster Magnets!

I may be in my 30's but this 3yo gets me...

April 21, 2016
Monster Magnets!

provided by Stephanie Jones


What were the little projects you worked on as a kid?

Way up high in the entry hall coat closet in my childhood home lived this seemingly giant box of beads and necklace-making materials. My mother liked art projects, but it was my much older brother in the late 70s that wanted to make sweet neckwear. If you knew him now and his love of golf/banking, you would immediately understand how weird this feels… To his credit, he also taught me to collect baseball cards as a kid.

Our friend of The End, Stephanie Jones sent us a message on social media showing off some great fun art pieces that she and her son Harvey were busy making - these awesome monster magnets!

Monster Magnet
provided by Stephanie Jones

One of the most important qualities that we as commerce-driven humans tend to lose sight of is the love of wonder, magic, and imagination. As a man in my thirties, I still daydream about a friendly pet dinosaur. I still think about ninjas doing stand-up comedy and smoking-bombing their way off stage. I still think about robots the save me from peril before then transforming into a jet or a barbeque or other fun stuff.

Instilling a love of art and expression in a kid sparks a flame that hopefully never blows out.

Harvey hard at work
provided by Stephanie Jones

Stephanie then told me how they were making these monster magnets in hopes of selling them at the Olympia Spring Arts Walk and then using the proceeds to give back to Seattle Children’s Hospital. Harvey does all the art for the monsters choosing colors, drawing eyeballs and fangs. It’s a learning opportunity for Harvey who is a rambunctious three years old.

Already an avid fan of 1077 The End, he came in and was quite the little ham with a haircut! Listen below.

Harvey and Stephanie
by Gregr

The fun starts Friday (4/22) from 5-10pm and Saturday (4/23) Noon-8pm. What a great chance to see all the best weirdos in Olympia entertaining us with art and music and the opportunity to learn about the community!

See more about Stephanie, Harvey, and their adorable family while grabbing a monster magnet - it’s for a great cause! Look for their Little Friend Creations booth!

I love these fun monsters so much, specifically this guy that I photoshopped into how I imagine him:

My favorite monster magnet
provided by Stephanie Jones (edit)