Check out these pictures of the Puget Sound from 3,500 feet in the air

I went flying north and Mother Nature did not disappoint

October 30, 2017

by Karate Craig


Over the weekend, I got a chance to go flying at dusk on one of the last beautiful days of the year. According to my Facebook feed, every time someone leaves Seattle via commercial airplane, they are required to post a hastily snapped shot of Mt. Rainier, but here was a chance to see all the little islets, islands, and tree covered blobs in the middle of the Puget Sound from about 3,500 feet.

Kick Ass Time-Lapse Footage of Seatac Airplanes

Background: I was at Summer Camp when a dude introduced himself to me as I went sauntering by - he had recognized me from the coolest place possible: a karate tournament.

Karate Craig invited me to join him in his sweet little Mooney M20K (I think I got the model right) for a flight from Paine Field.

It has so many buttons

When we opened the hangar to see this sweet little piece of kit, I got some pretty serious butterflies - it is a little plane and I'm a giant man! It could not have been more comfortable despite its tight confines.

After a thorough flight check, plentiful radioing back and forth with air traffic control, and lots of foot-steered taxing we were off!

We flew north towards Orcas Island and back on a gorgeous October autumn afternoon!

The naval base landing strip reads "WELCOME HOME"

What a beautiful day for flying around. At one point, I stopped taking photos so I could just enjoy myself in the co-pilot's seat amazed by an array of buttons, communications, and checkpoints.

Visual flying as our guide, pointing that nose to the heavens or back on Earth leaves one feeling envy for the birds... or motion sick from the turbulence ;)

Once we landed, I couldn't help be proud of the cool stuff that Boeing builds:

by Gregr

Landing, post-flight checklist, and taxing back to the hangar brought our adventure to it's close before Karate Craig brought us back to the parking lot. What an awesome adventure.

Anyway, back to your day! Thanks for looking at my pics - if only I had brought my polarizer filter for that fog in the air. Next time!

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