Nerd Talk: China Germinated a Seed on the Far Side of the Moon

You know what's next then, right?

January 15, 2019

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China's fancy new moon probe, the Chang'e, not only softly landed safely on the lunar surface, this thing is busily science-ing its face off. Figuratively, it lacks an animal face... for now. One of the experiments would successfully grow veggies and they've made the huge first step for plantkind!

It's not like they planted cotton in the moon dust and "poured" water on it bc, yo, the moon still doesn't have an atmosphere to grow anything. They did manage to send a container  - a six-inch closed bucket - with oxygen, a lattice, and a watering system in hopes humans can grow plants for sustenance away from home. 

They're claiming it's the first time anything like this has happened before, but obviously, they fluffed up and didn't do their homework:

Shiz will fluff you up.

Jokes aside, this is so rad. We already knew stuff will grow in space because of the International Space Station and all those shuttle missions, but this is pretty neat to add a little more gravity while studying other things like solar radiation/solar winds and I'm assuming playing Pink Floyd's druggiest album on repeat - I don't know though, I didn't check the probe for blacklights before it took off. My bad.