Next Time You're At MoPop, Check Out The Chris Cornell Statue

Worth spending a few minutes with to appreciate his legacy

October 17, 2018

by Gregr


With the unseasonably beautiful weather, we took a trip over to the Museum of Pop Culture - MoPop - to check out the recently unveiled statue of Chris Cornell. Statues always put me off initially because they never get the face right - eyes are usually impossible. One glance at this piece of poured bronze is all it takes to recognize the figure being honored. Spending a bit of time there taking photos and watching other people come by for a snap felt good. It's a great reminder of what this man and this town could do together. Cornell's legacy lives on with his family and friends, his music, and now physically with the sculpture.

The statue stands on the east side of MoPop along 5th Ave. To see Chris next to a building built by another recently passed Seattle icon, Paul Allen, gives the work extra weight.

It was the first time I had ever contemplated the physical home of MoPop from the outside other than watching it eat the slow-moving monorail. From afar, the flowing building is round and smooth, but up close each sheet of metal is sharp and jagged. We're lucky to have such a love of music and art in Seattle. Next time you visit the Seattle Center, make sure to scoot on over and enjoy it for a moment. Help keep the Cornell legacy alive while supporting what Mr. Allen gave to us, too.