Cirque du Soleil Returns To Seattle with Volta!

Under the tent feels like a whole other world!

September 19, 2018

Every time Cirque du Soleil returns to Marymoor Park, I get very excited to see people perform feats that frankly make me feel very uncomfortable for their safety! The grace and skill combine to make death-defying stunts a spectacle. Their subtle details push the performance to the brink of what feels like magic. The moment I step under the tent, I feel like I've been teleported away from my Earth problems to a strange alternate world of pleasure. 

Thanks to Cirque du Soleil for inviting me to see Volta, their latest traveling circus setting stakes and tent poles in Redmond. Each show is written and choreographed differently but with that same charisma inherent in all of Cirque du Soleil's performances I've seen. 

1. The Imagination
This show utilizes imagine less than others. The stunts, ranging from double dutch to BMX jumping, are all based in the world of street sports and activities. The set isn't as big and attention-grabbing as others that need you to travel with your imagination to Mexico or a made up steampunk world. No water falling from the sky, no tiny robots tending to a garden of marigolds. The burden falls almost entirely on the performers doing trampoline work and riding in the center of a massive ring.

2. The costumes
The costumes largely fall into one of two categories - drab tatters of people left with only their own skills to entertain themselves in the street with friends or wildly full of color and hope like a child's best day running through the streamer factory wrapped like a mummy in the wildest and brightest colors.

3. The Danger
This show didn't feature the element of danger that I love from others I have seen. It had its moments like the woman being lifted, dragged, and twirling from her ponytail, but also featured a lot of good-looking dance with little at risk. To be fair, Volta culminates with six ramps appearing on stage and a team of BMX riders and their tail whips, flips, and other high-flying excitement. The performance I saw ran about 15 minutes short of what the schedule suggested so I can't help but wonder if a couple of the big dangerous and intensive set pieces were cut.

4. The Clown
I 100% judge a show by its clown. Luzia here a couple years ago featured the best clown I've yet to see. He remains my favorite piece of Cirque du Soleil. Volta's clown had a different type of magic - he was King Clown for the children. Hearing the small boy behind me cackle an uncontrollable laugh as a man battles a set of washing machines made the world seem a lot lighter.

5. The Crowd
I don't know if it was the day, the show time, the mourning for a DOA Seahawks team, but the crowd did not connect. These performers were fighting for applause which came in whole only at limited events. "Are you not impressed?" Try to remember to encourage the performers with attention, you'll end up with even bigger stunts and smiles!


The lady is attached by the pony tail!

Ladder games

This guy shredded on the guitar the whole show!

A (naughty?) side note, the bodies on these performers are incredible #abs #butts. Seeing them balance, flip, and fly through the air only reminds me that I need to do less spectating and more exercising!

My friend Elyse and I talked after having both watched the show and the first thing we both landed upon: it's so fun to see live performance entertainment. Volta remains at Marymoor through October so you have plenty of chances to see it! Come with a full stomach though, the popcorn is too expensive!