Complete Discography: Death Cab For Cutie

I listened to all their records start to finish

September 17, 2020
Gregr and Ben Gibbard of Death Cab For Cutie

Taking a page from Erin Tate's playbook, I listened to the entire Death Cab For Cutie Discography start to finish. What a ride!

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It's been a rough few weeks so there was something lovely about listening to the shoe gaziest, oft sad bastard music in one long stretch! Ok, so here we go.

After listening to the 9 albums and then some, my reverence for the early Death Cab is replaced by the maturity of their development.

I asked people their favorite DCFC albums and it turns out the crowd is largely in agreement for their inability to decide between Transatlanticism and Plans. There are a small percentage of people who adore Kintsugi, theirs who chose based on their love of a live performance, and still more who went through something with Death Cab like my friend Alyssa going through a breakup. "I was OBSESSED with The Photo Album after I broke up with my douchey bf lol" she texted me. My buddy Sean blindly text me, "I'm fairly certain 'Cath' is Death Cab's best song."

If you're anywhere near the age of the band - me - then they've been making the soundtrack both to The OC and our adult lives.

After sitting with my thoughts for the last few days, I think The Photo Album and Narrow Stairs are my favorites. The latter came out around when I moved to Seattle, and like the Sounders FC, felt like it was mine even though I don’t think Ben lived here at the time...

The Photo Album just speaks to me. I never spent much time with it when I was younger, I was too into NOFX and Fugazi, but after this experiment, it's the album I think about the most. The Photo Album feels like the era of the band where'd they be at their best just before they outgrow venues like The Showbox. Like there's something about the time I saw alt-J at the Neptune that we'll never experience again. They might one day play there again some day, but never with that same magic of a band at their best. The Photo Album feels like it was DCFC in that sweet spot, stuck in the groove of their most magical time.

Whats your favorite?