CRISIS ALERT! Steve Zakuani Talks Us off The Crisis Cliff

We're prepping you for SEA v SKC Sunday

April 12, 2018
Steve Zakuani

Photo by Jane Gershovich | Sounders FC Communications

No wins. No points. No goals. This sounds like the recipe for everyone to freak out, enter crisis mode, and fly our fandom super star destroyer head first into the Death Star.

Luckily, we know someone with a much cooler head - both philosophically and hair-stylic-ly (?). Steve Zakuani is a refreshing breath of fresh air amongst the cloud of supporter grumpiness hovering over Seattle Sounders FC. 

We talk to Steve about:

  • The red card epidemic
  • Chad Ochocinco
  • His favorite Sounder/Squad/Player of all time
  • Ozzie Alonso!

An 0-3-0 Sounders FC squad play on the road Sunday and it sounds like it's gonna be rough against top of the table Sporking KC:

Sporking KC v Seattle Sounders FC
Children’s Mercy Park, Kansas City, Kansas
1:00 p.m. PT

UPDATE since recording, MLS has announced it has banned Clint Dempsey for one additional game for the red card award against FC Dallas. I'm not sure how that's possible since this footage exists:

To me it feels like theeeeeee MLS doesn't want to look like fools after they didn't provide the referee with enough angles to come to a decision in their still new Virtual Assitant Referee (replay) system. Rather than retroactively admitting the system let them down, their ignoring clear evidence that not only did FC Frisco not get one to the nuts, but also that the defender in question wasn't inocent himself.


Please support Steve and his charity soccer match!

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