The Things I Hate About Time Change

Late Sunsets Are Cool, But DST Can Suck It

March 11, 2019



Sure those wild 9 p.m. sunsets in the summertime and that 10 p.m. twilight are quite the perks, but other than that, why do we torture ourselves with Daylight Saving Time? Or better yet, why not just always stay on it like (opposite) Arizona? And great, now I'm recognizing Arizona for doing anything better than us. ARIZONA, dammit.

The only time changing we should do involves playing difficult music. A politician that wants my vote in the future needs to remove this stupid time shift practice. The only warping I want to do involves an out of production sports car and a weird man/kid relationship with a mad scientist. Got it?

Until we get that (and the metric system), here's the annoying stuff we're dealing with this week:

Lying awake in bed knowing that your stupid alarm isn't gonna be any later but you still can't get to sleep. Then in the morning, it's like a day where you have to wake up an hour early to get to the airport only without going somewhere on an airplane - instead, you're going to work or school or whatever.

Me: Time for bed, Spacebaby (my son).

Kermit Krazy Arms

Cats (Animals)

How the f*** do they figure out that the time has changed? Shaggy the cat begging for food AN HOUR EARLY - you're supposed to let me sleep in you s***-fur-butted jerk! Animals don't care about how we organize time - we keep them as companions/hostages in exchange for regularly feeding them, but somehow my dumb cat defies time.​



Feels like there are other things to be mad about with DST, but I'm too sleepy. Good luck out there. Just remember, we're all a little crankier for a few dumb days.