Deck The Hall Ball To Stream To Sick Kids

Thanks to our friends at Melodic Caring Project

November 13, 2019

This year at Deck the Hall Ball, we'll have some extra special guests watching the show. Kids who are unable to leave the hospital or home due to disease or other illness that prevents them from getting out the door will be treated with a special live feed of the show thanks to our rad friends at Melodic Caring Project.

MCP sets up cameras, takes an audio feed, then streams it to sick kids. Pretty simple, awesome stuff, but that's not even the coolest part. Melodic first gets the musicians they film to take a minute during the show to address the kids in front of the crowd and turn the patients into the rockstars! I saw it first hand when Melodic Caring Project invited me to come out and host a stream over the summer at Marymoor Park.

It’s fun hangin’ with #goodpeople ---- to our friend @heygregr @1077theend for joining us on air to send love to our #rockSTARS last night w/ @fitzandthetantrums & @youngthegiant ! • • @melodiccaring = streaming hope + live concerts to kids in hospitals around the --

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A small team of AV minded music fans donate their time to put the whole thing together and the results coudn't be a bigger win for everyone involved.

Fitz a la Fitz and the Tantrums is a dad and you could hear it in his voice when he talked about these rockSTARS at home and in the hospital watching the show online. He took the time to address each of the handful of children receiving thunderous applause from the audience each time. Strutting across the stage between hand-claps, Fits would look loving into the camera and perform straight to the unseen audience.

The team do something great for the community. The crowd gets to witness that spark of hope stay lit when they hear the artist acknowledging the kids. I'm swelling up with love just typing this. We consider it a massive win for everyone to partner with Melodic Caring Project this December 10th at Deck the Hall Ball.

Find out more about Melodic Caring Project and get your tickets to DTHB!