WA Dude Built His Own Moon Lander Looking Tiny House

He sure know a lot about boats!

August 27, 2020
Apollo moon lander 3D rendering



Somewhere along the Washington bank of the Columbia River, you'll find a unique tiny house perched with a view of the majesty of rushing water. Well, Seattle based boat builder, Kurt Hughes grew up like many of us loving the idea of traveling to space. He's a few years older so he might have even dreamed of walking on the moon 51 years ago. 

Hughes applied his knowledge of boat building and the available space in his backyard to make a livable mockup of something that Eagle lunar module astronauts like Neil Armstrong would have uncomfortably spent time in on another heavenly body away from the Earth. Only his has a toilet and running water. And a place to eat dinner... and cook dinner. Also, it has gravity.

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Not enough windows for me... or likely headroom... I'm 6'5" I can already imagine the swearing pouring out from inside as I add another head welt to the collection...