Each Letter of the Black Lives Matter Mural on Pine St

Which is your favorite?

June 16, 2020
BLM Mural on Capitol Hill

When the letters were primed for painting on Pine St between 10th and 11th, it felt odd that a Black Lives Matter mural would be white. Then the magic happened.

BLM-related pavement art... work and curation by: @taqueets and @joe.nix with support from @signsavant // #repost of drone footage by @kylekotajarvi ❤ ARTISTS INCLUDE: B: @kimishaturner L: @perrypaints A: @onesevennine C: @thecurlynugget K: @thesoufender L: @drakesignanddesign I: @stattheartist V: @aohamer E: @barryjohnson.co S: @snekeism M: @moses_sun and more A: @artbreakerbt TT: @tdubcustoms E: @future_crystals R: @artvaultseattle Artist: @thekingfroshow . Taken at Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (which may be undergoing a name change... waiting to confirm), which is a section of Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood that became "occupied" after many days of local police teargassing protestors and then unexpectedly boarding up their precinct. The de-escalation move from police -- which they claimed to be a way to gain back trust, and also came with bizarre internal City rumors of potential arson -- was unexpected, leaving the first few days of "victory" rather leaderless and without clear direction. It is starting to crystallize though... perhaps! -- . #blm #blacklivesmatter #capitolhillautonomouszone #blackartists #blackart #blackseattle

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I popped into the CHAZ-now-CHOP to look at the art that had the nation and world talking. It was a mix of people snapping selfies - putting themselves ahead of the message - and people revering a mural meant to make us talk. Frankly, with the good and bad, I'm glad this is making the protest zone into a bit of a tourist attraction because even an encounter with some activist culture could probably do most of us some good.

Below, enjoy each letter snapped individually so you can better see the work that went into the mural from all of the artists to make this peace sign. It's not perfect, but I hope you can see a little more of the work that went into each letter. Maybe holler at me with your favorite letter?

Sorry, but I got distracted by this religious Zealot and didn't snap a better "M." My apologies to @moses_sun and more.

I like that "K" because it reminds me of home. The smiles on the "R" contrast the anger this is causing for some and that's wonderful, too.

There's a lot happening in this protest zone, I just like that a community project came together here to make the neighborhood that much better. Feels like a real nice contrast to the insane growth and redevelopment of Capitol Hill.