Washington Is Beautiful - The Perfect Day

Edmonds Waterfront, Sandy Beach, Awesome Dog Park

June 3, 2019

by Gregr


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Washington is beautiful and my kid loves splashing in the water so we packed up the family and popped over to Edmonds for a couple of hours in the sun. I am very sunburned today. 

The town of Edmonds is absolutely lovely with tons of shops and restaurants (shout out to the Cheesemonger's Table), but we focused mainly on being outside on the coast. My buddy Ed was in town for the weekend and if only I had connected Ed and Ed-monds sooner the dad jokes could have gone on for forever... 70-degree sunshine and the lightest breeze blowing in off of the water combined to make it the perfect Seattle day!

On the south side of the marina - once you've done being amazed by the boat lifting crane that fetches people's watercraft - you'll find a pretty standard, beautiful pebbly Washington beach sprinkled in crab parts and pointy things that hurt your bare feet. Endless tiny treasures await a little human's paws of curiosity. Unique to this stretch is an incredible looking dog park, Off Leash Area Edmonds (OLAE) that allow doggos to run straight to the water and bork at their owners to throw the dang ball already!

You can't get around this point without getting pretty soaked - also it might be trespassing - so walk your way back north a few blocks to find yourself walking around near the ferry terminal on a sandy beach. You'll find mild boat-generated waves rolling in and kids digging holes in the wet sand.

by Gregr

The water hardly seems deep enough for that giant ship! Also, to the dude that tried to kayak around behind the ferry - what are you thinking?!? I'm trying to understand if you're foolishly brave or ridiculously dumb.

Anyway, getting outside on the perfect 70-degree sunny Seattle day couldn't have been better than hitting the beach in Edmonds.

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