End Recommends: Andrew WK at Neumos

Andrew WK's "The Power of Partying" 50-State Speaking Tour

October 3, 2016
Andrew W.K. and Gregr

by Gregr


Holy crap. I just got to talk to Andrew W.K. in person!

He's a guy that for my entire adult life has been encouraging me to PARTY! At a time when our country feels like your shoes do when they're stuck in the mud while out photographing tulips, Andrew W.K. takes his own political party, the Party Party, on the road to get us fired up about living life to emoji-100.

Let him be your party sensei tonight at Neumos on his The Power of Partying 50 State Speaking Tour and you'll be able to chop the crap out of not-partying.

Also, will someone please green-screen Andrew W.K. into one of the presidential debates so the Party Party gets its fair representation in America?

Dr. Andrew W.K.