End25: 25 Years of Autographs on My Office Wall

Amongst the ink, there are so many wieners…

August 23, 2016
End25: Gregr's Wall

by Gregr


I’m not certain how it came to be, but when I started at The End, they sat me in this narrow sliver of an office with awesome view of Seattle’s Capitol Hill. On three sides (later four with writing on the ceiling tiles) I found myself surrounded with signatures of some of the biggest musical icons of an entire generation.

What a batshit crazy way to start a new job - NO PRESSURE.

It’s pretty tricky to photograph the wall without getting an F-bomb or one of the wieners drawn by Tom Delong (he contributed at least three).

One thing that becomes more apparent with time, the bands that wrote giant stuff taking up tons of space were typically* the ones who burned away like the top layer of skin on a Seattleite’s shoulders on a hot day in August.

The two that I always show off first to people visiting this cluttered wonderful room are bands that define an era of post-grunge music - and they’re both British:

End25 - Radiohead autograph
by Gregr

Is that a faded Bruce Springsteen 1996?!

Then there are the brothers Oasis - already at odds to the point where they signed feet apart from one another even on a wall!

End 25: Oasis Autograph
by Gregr

Bonus points if you understand that MCFC below his name - double bonus if you knew it before 2014.

I imagine if you asked either of these bands to even step foot in a radio station, much less sign the wall, they would scoff at air wasted in daring to suggest such a foolish feat. However, I’m still down to ask!

Then we find Green Day. These fun-loving fools drew a giant image of a man pleasuring himself on the wall. Bear with me as the black bars of censorship being as we arrive in wienerville...

End25: Green Day Art...
by Gregr

Then there’s a man with the sense of humor that never grew past 15 years old. That man, Tom Delong, graced our wall with so many weiners.

End25: Tom Delong autograph
by Gregr

There's an arrow at the bottom that goes two ways... Let’s follow that line for some reason from right to left…

End25: Tom Delong Wieners...
by Gregr

I personally find satisfaction in the signature of my favorite giant ginger, Joshua Homme from Queens of the Stone Age.

End25: Josh Homme QOTSA
by Gregr

The Killers put their name in Sharpie lights without having to make a big deal - nice work!

End25: The Killers
by Gregr

One signature means more than most because it asked something of you - Puff Daddy brought his Vote or Die campaign to The End in the summer of 1999. He came asking you, really us, to take action and vote. It’s a wonderfully refreshing experience to know that silly genre lines and ideas that tend to segregate a community can be broken down around an issue as simple and important as voting. Respect.

End25: Puff Daddy Autograph
by Gregr

There are so many autographs that I didn’t cover here and some rad art people have done through the years. Come by sometime and I’ll show you Aphex Twin, Spacehog, Dishwalla, Stabbing Westward, Everclear, Chino Moreno, MGMT, Phantom Planet, Nada Surf, Interpol, Lit, and a ton more.

Here's to 925 years for more new music discovery, weird office life, and autographs at The End!


*Green Day  I would say that from the time it was drawn in the early 90’s, they’ve gone on to do ok for themselves.