Juggalos - the secret to evading facial recognition software...

The FBI is not going to be happy about this...

July 9, 2019

gettyimages / Tasos Katopodis / Stringer


As computers get smarter and creeps get creepier, our privacy continues to shrink. The secret to evading most facial recognition software: paint your face like a Juggalo.

Insane Clown Posse makeup confuses the software responsible for most facial recognition software. Typically these creepy computer connected cameras are looking at the shape of your face using contrast. The white/black combo of makeup plus weird designs makes it tough for computers to accurately track you.

Listen: Nerd Talk is freaked out about the FBI combing your facial data...

So the FBI and maybe ICE are using the driver's license data from more than 20 states to find people it's trying to hunt down. Sneaky, but the federal government has finally met its match... I can't believe I'm going to type this... met its match in Juggalos.

"Prominent Security Juggalo," @TAHKION (who appreiciates a good nerd pun) did the Juggalo math (likely under the influence of Faygo):

My goodness, Tom Cruise would be a very pretty lady.

Consequence of Sound points out that should you be considering a switch to Juggalo-ism you don't have to worry about your iPhone failing to recognize you. It uses depth to determine your face shape and doesn't get stopped by some dumb clown makeup. Whatever, Apple.

Here, try it yourself! See if Facebook is smarter than face paint.