I Went to a Farmers Market, Here's What I Found

The Snohomish Farmers Market Kicked off 2020

May 14, 2020
Snohomish Farmers Market

by Gregr

In a world full of cv-19 fear, nothing quite feels right this spring. Cooped up inside for the last two months we're gonna have a weird blemish looking back at this time in life. Like a tree who survived something crazy, one of our age rings will stand out from amongst the rest. 

Leave it to a bit of normalcy to help ease the anxiety: the farmers market. May 7th was the kickoff to Snohomish Farmers Market in its new temporary home at Stocker Farms off of Highway 9 in Snohomish. 

After months of doomscrolling through social media and being weird(er) and uncomfortable at the grocery store once-ish a week, I headed out worried about what I would find.

Snohomish Farmers Market

I can report that what I discovered made me feel so much better. It was like going to a grocery story only without being stuck close to other disease-y humans. Open air breathing in conjuction with a mask helps sooth the brain.

Booths were spaced out significantly to ease conjestion problems common (and kinda charming in normal circumstances) found in a pre-coronavirus market. 

There were still tons of clueless shoppers not following the flow and meeting in tight circles 6-8 people around, but I didn't feel stuck with them. Two brightly colored hand-washing stations were found at either end and the mood was very relaxed and super chill.

I didn't see anyone enforcing these guidelines, but it was week number one and there's still much to be learned during life in a stay-at-home order. There still aren't a ton of veggies because of the season, but I still managed to spend $25 on raddish, leeks, garlic, and more.

Snohomish Farmers Market

Snohomish Farmers Market

Snohomish Farmers Market

Please remember when you go out to keep your distance, wear a mask so you don't spread your own germs to others, and wash those hands or sanitize before you get in the car and smear em all over the steering wheel or seatbelt.