Five Record Store Day Exclusives I Want

Just going out to support is awesome, regardless of your vinyl appetite!

April 15, 2016
Record Store Day 2016

by Gregr


Buying records may be the best way to acquire new music and keep you connected to the musicians that made it. It’s so easy in an app/streaming/both world to forget what it’s like to engage a piece of art. Turning pages in a book whose pages are getting wrinkly because you hand is sweating from the intensity of the writing isn’t something that happens on your Kindle.

The same is true for listening to something on a Spotify playlist - it just doesn’t compare to physically putting a piece of stamped vinyl, grooved with the sounds of your favorite songs, onto the plate and hitting it with a needle.

Flipping through the stacks of records at a local record shop stirs up a connection to a record. Hearing what the clerk has chosen to put on while you shop is, like listening to the radio, a major way that we find new music.

So yeah, April 16th, a Saturday, come out and support a local business by buying some art recorded on physical media. It feels good when you walk away with something to hold in your hands. It’s Record Store Day. There will be tons of weird things that come out only this one day. Exclusives. Here are the things I’m looking at for shopping tomorrow most of which are super limited and I have little chance of actually getting...

5 RSD exclusives I want:

Alt-J Live at Red Rocks: This Record Store Day special release includes two colored-vinyl LPs, a CD and DVD packaged in a gatefold sleeve. The 75-minute live album / concert DVD

The Monkees “Saturday Child” and "You May Just Be The One": Custom-cut picture disc shaped like their guitar logo and featuring WHATEVER I want that picture disc and it’s the freakin Monkeys, alright?

David Bowie: David Bowie’s legacy continues with three RSD offerings: Old school songs from the opposite end of his career, I Dig Everything - The Pye Singles 1966, and two more rad picture discs of “The Man Who Sold The World” (12”) and “TVC15”. #RIP

The Sonics Live At Easy Street: Look, this is such a huge, incredible piece of Seattle rock history captured by a competing radio station, KEXP. Rather than pretend like this didn’t happen, I want you to know about it and try to get your paws on it! Plus KEXP is public radio driven by your donations and a totally different entity than us.

Green River 1984 Demos Earliest known recordings of what was to become the Pacific Northwest 'Grunge' movement. Featuring Mark Arm & Steve Turner of Mudhoney, Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam. All Tracks Unreleased.

Honorable mention:

Bee Gees/Faith No More “I Started A Joke”: Side by side series 7” (it’s two sides of one song, a performance from each artist).

Foals “Rain”/"Daffodils”: A 7” import including a cover of Mark Ronson’s “Daffodils”.

Metz/Mission of Burma “Good Not Great" b/w "Get Off": Toronto noise-rock behemoths METZ and Boston post-punk legends Mission of Burma cover each other's songs on this split 7" for Record Store Day. Neither track was previously available and certainly not on a starburst 7"

Muse “Reapers”: 7” - it’s another picture disc featuring the cutest little bombs dropping!

NOFX “Sid & Nancy”: NOFX honors Record Store Day with this special colored vinyl 7". "Sid & Nancy" takes yet another jab at the Reagan family, and both songs are brand new demos that give fans a sneak preview of what is to be expected form NOFX's new album due out later this year. Limited to 750 copies

The Sex Pistols: On Record Store Day they will re-release their Never Mind the Bollocks Here’s the Sex Pistols as a 12” picture disc LP but with just 5,000 copies shipping. Best of luck.

Virtual Run the Jewels: It’s a cardboard VR viewer themed around Run The Jewels - and thought totally unnecessary, it’s looks awesome.

Here are a bunch of stores to check out including my favorites:

Everyday Music (Capitol Hill), Easy Street (West Seattle), Silver Platters (Industrial District), Sonic Boom (Ballard), Spin Cycle (Capitol Hill)

Others that rule, too:
Spin Cycle, Wall of Sound, Singles Going Steady, Jive time, Bop Street Records.

Support local business, get your favorite musicians paid, enjoy coming into physical contact with the music you love!