Five Things To Do While You're Stuck in the new SR 99 Tunnel

Highway 99 Tunnel Arriving As Soon as This Fall!

January 11, 2018

Igor Sokalski // dreamstime


Big news! The Highway 99 tunnel UNDER Seattle is expected to be done as soon as this fall - a full six months earlier than the previous projection... and nearly four years late.

See footage from below Seattle in the new SR 99 tunnel

Before you know it, you'll be paying a toll to pass beneath Seattle stuck in traffic with a whole new perspective. Here are five things to look forward to with this new tunnel:

I mean, at any moment you'll probably be crushed to death, right?

2. Enjoy the view
Nothing was quite as beautiful as that view of Puget Sound from the Viaduct, but now, you'll have a front row seat to check out concrete! Upgrade, right?

3. Say "wait what?" a hundred times
There's nothing quite like the moments before your iPhone drops your "I feel bad for not talking to GG recently so I'll do it while I'm stuck in traffic" call. I'm sure they'll have service in there, right?

4. Slowly suffocate
There's definitely enough oxygen and not too many car farts down there, right?

5. Pick the right soundtrack
Stream the 8-bit underground music from Super Mario Brothers while stealing coins and hoping you don't run out of time and die. That's how life works, right?

Pffff, my excitement level just hit 11 - just check out these nipples! The tunnel can't get here soon enough...

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