So How Scary Is the New Glass Floor at the Space Needle?

The Views Are Simply Stunning

August 6, 2018

by Ali @ Space Needle


The Space Needle crew are just putting the finishing touches on a $100 million update, a "Spacelift" if you'll allow for puns. We'll allow it. I rode in some secret elevator to the top yesterday, walked through their kitchen like some sort of mob boss, and took in the incredible work they've pulled off. Just look at this view.

Right on cue, the Blue Angels went buzzing by us like the organizers had planned it. 

Replacing the cagey feeling of the observation deck with walls of glass - imagine having to clean the smudges 100 times a day! The part that remained enigmatic - how would we react to a glass floor, looking down 520 feet to the ground? My head said no problem, they wouldn't make a tourist destination something to scare away business, but my heart said "nope". So, is it scary?


I'll be direct - if you're legit scared of heights, getting out over the glass is gonna be a no-go for you. Just stick to the observation deck... but who are we kidding? If you're afraid of heights, you're not going up in the Space Needle regardless if the floor is 70-stories of steel touching the ground!

The rest of us: don't let your dumb brain get in the way of checking this out. The Louge still features a steel skeleton with huge beams and wire and junk. Then panels of ultra thick glass - designed using MATHS - are laid down. My brain immediately understood it was safe. And surprisingly, after a few minutes of looking down, I forgot about the glass floor because the views are all glass window views are incredible.

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That's sped up timelapse footage of the floor rotating. It's quite slow, but just enough to notice. Sitting would be no problem, but I wonder how someone who gets motion sick would handle it?

For me, that was the one small drawback. Like the time I went out on the boat on South Lake Union and drank half a dozen beers - when I stepped back onto non-rotating Space Needle, the little ninjas in my head that regulate balance were still karate kicking around and I was a bit dizzy. Like having sealegs on land, for about 5-10minutes I experienced... spacelegs? 

Go to the Space Needle. The updates are awesome. I know it's a "lame tourist thing to go do", I would 100% go back in a heartbeat.

Looking down:


Looking up:

Looking out:

Also, I had no idea there exist giant spiders atop the Armory at Seattle Center!

Still waiting for the Space Needle to separate into two units - the spaceship and rocket needle and return to whence it truly came - probably Saturn or something.