Jelly Belly Creator Back With CBD Infused Jelly Beans

Settle Down, It's CBD not THC

March 18, 2019



One of the original inventors of Jelly Belly is back with a new company selling CBD-infused jelly beans. Let's be clear, CBD jelly beans are not the weed candy your Funyuns eating friends are crushing before/after work every day. From the same marijuana plant, Cannabidiol (CBD) is non-psychoactive - you're not gonna get stuck to the kitchen floor blazed and giggling high from these beans. These are not the beans found in the grocery store under "magical fruit". They also will not make you toot*.

The bunny rabbit pooping these pellets is not high on his own supply.

David Klein started Jelly Belly in 1976 before leaving a few years later - how he's back with fun flavored jelly beans, Spectrum Confections, to help you with your bowel problems or joint issues or whatever it is people use these things for when they're either ailing or in need of a small sugar rush. 

Klein told some weed blog "we are putting 10 ml in each. If people want a small dose, they eat one. If they want 20 ml, they can eat two." Oh like anyone has that level of self-control - good thing it's not THC in there!

According to, "the  CBD-infused jelly beans will come in 38 different flavors, including toasted marshmallow, strawberry cheesecake, cinnamon, spicy licorice and mango. The jelly beans also come in sugar-free and sour varieties."

Not sure if you'll be able to fill adult Easter eggs up for yourself in time for Easter this year as they're sold out. Also, does the federal government care about this? Like, are they gonna be at your house when you get the mail?

*sugar in the jelly beans could indeed make you toot.