Found the Best Place to Photograph that Comet

That Washington Coastline is Gorgeous

July 20, 2020
Washington Coastline

by Gregr


Comet Neowise travels at 144,000 mph and for whatever scientific reason, we get a chance to see it in the dusk-to-twilight skies on the horizon in Washington for a week as it buzzes by our sun. Awesome.

For two months of the year, I go to bed before its dark and wakeup as the daylight breaks - the life of a morning radio host. On Saturday night, I made an exception to my strict schedule and set out to photograph this astronomical wonder. I was admitedly very sleepy and not super pumped... until I reached the beach in Edmonds.

It's easy to drive ten minutes inland from the coast to I-5 and get sucked up by the grind of life without enjoying one of the most beautiful features of living in a coastal state. As soon as I crossed the bridge over the oft used railroad tracks, a pang of guilt hit me that we were squandering one of the best parts of summer by not making the effort to go watch the sun set or splash in the Sound. 

Washington Coastline

I'm not the only photographer there set up and taking 100 of the same photo with miniscule camera adjustments. After getting comfy and tapping along to a few tracks from Dawn of Midi in my headphones, the guy next to me gets my attention. "West Seattle Blog says 10:15p until we see this thing." It was 9:15 - sunset. Cool though, it's so chill and relaxing, lets hang.

Washington Coastline

Over the music periodically I'd hear what sounded like an announcement but also people blaring dubstep so I paid it no mind. They about 9:50p I notice it's just me and two other photographers. "Hey man, do you hear what sounds like an announcement?"

"Yeah, they're closing the gates - you didn't park there did you?"

I SURE DID. *swearing ensues*

"Don't worry," the stranger said, "you still have 25 minutes to get back here."

I ran to my car, waved to the ranger stuck with this miserable assignment, and vacated the lot.

I'm not one for rule breaking, so recognizing this park was closed, I didn't feel comfortable sneaking back in for photos - what a nerd. I drove around tyring to figure it out, then went somewhere else someone had told me to check out ultimately before giving up and going home. Sucks.

The next morning, my lovely wife and todder-af SpaceBaby decided to make an early trip back after my rantings and ravings. It's just so important that no matter which version of this park you choose along the shores of the Puget Sound, that you just get out for a bit of that magic landscape.

Washington Coastline

Washington Coastline

Washington Coastline

Happy event-less summer!