Free Medical, Dental, Vision Services This Weekend at Key Arena

Volunteers descend on Seattle Center to help the community heal

September 17, 2018
I loved the eye tester robot looking thing as a kid!

by Auston James - Seattle/King County Clinic


It's the Seattle King County Clinic and this is the weekend for any of my friends or foes who lack access to medical services to get some free help. Healthcare is an impossible sea of sharks and beasts and those barely staying afloat expertly navigated by few in our country. Luckily a team of medical professionals, volunteers, and people who just give a s*** about the community are here to help.

I have a killer full-time job with benefits and medical insurance still sets my family back $700/month. I have no idea how someone without benefits or two full-time income winners in a household is expected to not die the moment something goes wrong.

Listen to hear the full details of how you can get free health care this weekend.

Evidently, I'm not alone because each year a ton of radical people come together at Key Arena to help get you tuned up to keep grinding out that life. It's time once again for the Seattle King County Clinic. Thousands of volunteers gather over the course of four days to help almost 12,000 people get help. Check out the basics that the Seattle Center sent me:

Clinic logistics – How it works:

  • First come, first served, numbers will be handed out starting at 5 am (you'll likely need to be there much earlier to get in line - possibly as early as 12:30a on Saturday and Sunday)
  • Clinic doors open at 6:30 am, and the clinic will close by 6 pm each night.
  • Free parking after midnight in 1st Ave. N. Garage and Mercer Garage
  • Above Fisher Pavilion in a heated, tented area on Seattle Center grounds is open all night starting at midnight, where patients may wait for their numbers
  • Patients register at registration tables set-up at the entry of KeyArena
  • Patients do not need to show identification or proof of immigration status at any point on the grounds
  • On-demand and in person interpretation/translation will be available
  • A radionet system is used to escort patients in and out of exam and resource areas
  • SPD and Medic One will be on site.

Range of services offered:

  • Medical (general/physical examinations, PAP Smears, mammograms, EKGs, x-rays, lab tests, pediatrics, GYN, geriatrics, pain and infection, footcare, acupuncture and vaccinations)
  • Dental (examinations, teeth cleaning, extractions, fillings, dental x-rays and more)
  • Vision (comprehensive eye exams, prescriptions, eyeglasses)
  • Mental health
  • Resources for continuity of care
  • Interpreters are available in person and InDemand

I think a huge part of what makes someone special is their aptitude for empathy. The people working this event are helping people regardless of status that might otherwise keep them ill. There's a time and place for politics, this is not that time. Come out and get help.

We suspect that the Key Arena renovations will begin this October and last the next few years. I'm not sure what that means for next year of the Seattle King County Clinic, but it would explain why they are hosting it a month early in 2018.

Here are the stats the volunteers can be super proud of from the previous four years:

16 total days of active clinic work amounting to 141 total hours of clinic operations.
16,233 patients served.
13,784 volunteers worked.
165,408 hours.
10,613 laboratory tests.
6,385 flu and Tdap immunizations accomplished.
4,801 prescription eyeglasses provided.

More info:
Patients needing care.
General event info.

Listen below for the full details and good luck to you!