Friday is Earth Day! Here's The Easiest Way To Help

Is there a Saturn Day? Because I call it if not.

April 19, 2016
Gregr Give1Pound

provided by Seattle Goodwill


Once a year, a bunch of people worried about our own long-term survival take a week to remind us that we need to actually take care of the planet we call home.

People will hit you with shocking facts all week long about how the earth is effectively turning into Mars as the atmosphere gets ruined and that all the dolphins are mad at you for killing the ocean with k-cups likely planning to overthrow the humans - all the usual stuff.

Whatever happened to the hole in the ozone of my childhood? Wait, did anyone fix that?!

Gregr Clothing Karate for Goodwill
by Seattle Goodwill

My pals at Seattle Goodwill shocked me with some new info that I previously had never considered: Every year, American humans will throw away on average 68 pounds of donatable, closet-filling stuff that could easily be dropped off at a Goodwill store!

That’s like a human fifth grader made of t-shirts being thrown into landfills - don’t throw school children in the trash, you monster!

That fact blows my mind specifically since we’re super aware in the PNW of our impact on the world around us. Goodwill does more than just collect your old junk. They take said junk and turn it around into someone else’s treasure - I think Macklemore rapped that at some point.

Beyond that, with the stuff you hand over, they can use it to sell and put the money back into training programs to get more people skilled enough to work! Last year 8,700 people right here in Seattle benefitted!

You know that old VCR? You have a couple options - keep it until that becomes so retro that it’s cool, OR drop it off like all your other electronics to Goodwill!

They asked me to come out and help spread the word and I agreed. The catch: I had to donate a pound of stuff!

It’s their #Give1Pound campaign and that’s super easy! Drop some stuff off this week and help out. It’s Earth Day, and it’s the only Earth we have so we maybe should keep it functioning.

Now when is Saturn Day?