Fugazi Aren't Getting Back Together, But For a Moment All of Me Wished They Would

Ian MacKaye responds perfectly to the idea, and it's what we should all have expected

May 16, 2019

by Mat Hayward

Some of the most bizarre Fugazi news hit my social feed and it's left me feeling things. The billionaire owner of the Washington Wizards/Capitals, Jeff Leonsis, wants to get the best thing to come from Washington DC out of hiatus and onto a massive stage for a benefit concert. Fugazi.

First of all, I used to get asked all the time who my favorite band is - "Gregr, what's your favorite band?" While there are many to list all entwined with the longing of an age past, no one band does all the things I need in such a consistently maximum amount of effort as Fugazi. 

Second, this Ted dude on paper seems like the antithesis of the band Fugazi. They charged five bucks a show, didn't sell merch, played only all-ages shows, wouldn't compromise their ideals for big business, and kept it small enough that they would be able to look out for everyone at their shows.

Ted is a venture capitalist billionaire, responsible for the massive business of sports and all its associated merchandising and branding, owner of a gargantuan (likely bad sounding) venue with an absence of musical intimacy. However, his philanthropy and Fugazi-awareness are positives. Also, to be fair, the person questioning the intentions of the businessman works for a giant media/radio conglomerate so the irony isn't lost on me.

Imagine seeing Fugazi at The Capitol Theatre back in 1999 (as featured in Instrument):

Then try to imagine kids sitting on the stage at pre-construction Key Arena packed in against the rail - I can't! Also, to anyone who can say, "I was at this show" (in Olympia above), my admiration for your opportunity is hard to outrank. 

I know that I am gatekeeping a thing I love, but in the spirit that the band instilled in me over decades of fandom. I hope to the god of fire that the band would never take Ted up on his offer - in the back of my mind, just typing this I know is absurd and would never happen, but a GIANT part of my heart wishes so hard that a Fugazi reunion would happen.

Ian MacKaye, singer and guitarist for Fugazi responded to an inquiry on the subject:

"I honestly don’t think it’s newsworthy. My impression was that it was meant more as a compliment than an actual offer, so there really wasn’t anything to consider other than the kind words. They were appreciated."

I only saw Fugazi one time in their 16-year run (1987-2003). Of course I want it to happen again. But in this capacity, it sounds like it definitely will not and for that, I know to be grateful to live with the amazing memories they gave me and patiently wait, possibly for forever, for another chance to watch and hear them again in the future.

It's hard to imagine how they'd keep people from reselling their tickets online or how I would possibly enjoy the art with a thousand phones a night blocking my view. Even more exciting to wonder: how would the band respond to these things?!

TL;DR I wish this would happen again someday: