Full 90: Does Nouhou Have Action Figure Legs?!

Sounders FC starting to turn the tide!

April 19, 2018

by Nick Smith - Seattle Sounders FC Communications

Sounders FC finally get a point, a goal, a finish with the right number of people on the pitch #blessed. For an outsider, it must look weird seeing us celebrate a 2-2 draw - yeah, well WHATEVA!


Two goals, the return of Osvaldo Alonso, and taking the top team in the West down a peg are the types of small victories fans need from a team that has severely underproduced this season. Nouhou, on the other hand, seemed pretty cool with staying a week behind. Hype trains can do that from time to time.

Listen to our Full 90 Extra Time Podcast to get ready for the big match this Sunday against Minnesota United at 1pm.

Stuff I'm thinking about before Sunday's match:

  • It rained so much this month, the players must be stoked for any sunshine.
  • How many Texas tattoos has Dempsey gotten since the last time he was allowed to play?
  • Can Sounders FC score at home?!
  • Which kit should I wear on Sunday?
  • Do I park n ride and get a couple/nine beers for a 1p match?

Well. See you there?

Seattle Sounders FC v Minnesota United FC
Sunday, April 22nd - 1pm
CenturyLink Field