Full 90 Extra Time: Karate Talk and Hot Dog Probs

Also, a Sounders FC team that's making a run for the playoffs...

September 28, 2016
How to Sounders Good

by Gregr

After a bit of time apart, the forces of Ross and Gregr are brought together for a little Sounders FC soccer talk... and a lot of other nonsense. Ross get his opportunity to not only watch video of my karate tournament with ample chance to mock my low-quality punching ability, but also see me revel in my self-amazement about winning two trophies!

There may or may not have been a demonstration...

At a time where the Sounders only have five matches remaining - five matches without Clint Dempsey - they're heating up. All the pressure landing on the massive shoulders of Jordan Morris. The squad bought Nicolas Lodeiro mid-season and that kid is changing the game in Seattle. 

Ross helps us understanding why the team is firing together better, where things look to be shored up, and what needs to happen to make this playoff push a reality. We also take a look at the match-up between last in the league Chicago Fire who the Sounders welcome tonight to CenturyLink field. It's a trap game that the Sounders can't find themselves leaving any points on the table!