Get Home Free on New Year's Eve

Thanks to King County Metro

December 20, 2017

by Lori Barber


I don't care for the major drinking holidays. It usually goes like this... drink drink drink... yell about stuff to no one until no one wants you around sorta like a bad fart... get in uber, barf in uber, pass out in uber. "ONE HUNDRED FIFTY DOLLAR FEE?!"

Mix in explodey stuff that drives my dog Chowder crazy and we've got an altogether disagreeable day. Now, to be fair, I love the sparkle and explosiveness of fireworks - just not every time the Seahawks score or when you're drunk at 2 am on New Year's Eve and think "yeah, whatever."

Nights like NYE are a fun chance to get together win friends and create a hangover that will kick off a sober January that you didn't plan on having but there's "no way I'm ever drinking again ever". When you're gonna party on NYE, please just make sure you get home without operating your motorized battering ram (car) because that's how terrible stories start. 

Good guy King County Metro is doing their part to help out:

You read it right. From 4 am to 4 am on New Years Eve/Day, you get rides on King County Metro fo' free.

So take that midnight shot/smooch/barf combo, then walk it off a bit to the nearest KC Metro bus, then get your booty home to start that late night pizza only to wake up with a house that smells like burnt crust for three days. You've earned it!

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