I Want Your Voice for Diiiiiid The Mariners Win?!

Let's Make You a 10 Second Star!

April 1, 2019

by Catie Beck


The morning after every Mariners game, we always ask the important question: Did the Mariners win? After years of asking, I got some friends and family and listeners to ask that question for me. Here's your chance to get on the air!

Help me ask the big question every morning:

Diiiiid the Mariners Win?To get in on this, open the voice memo app on your phone, or jump on social media and record the script below - we need your name, hood and a big long Diiiiiiiiiiid The Mariners Win? Script:

Hey Gregr!

I'm [your name> from [your hood or job or whatever>

Diiiiiiiiiiiid the Mariners Win?

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Then fire it off to me!

@heygregr Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

If you send this sucker, you're giving me permission to use it for the segment and presumably make you a star ;)